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KYC Steps Process:-

Step 1: Following JPEG file with clear image not exceeding 300kb to be kept ready to start the video KYC

Step 2: Sign up and fill the personal details such as Name (as in pan card), ,age, dob, gender, address, phone and mail id

Step 2: Verify the OTP

Step 4: Upload the documents as mentioned in step 1

Step 5: Do a video recording with the number displayed and show you pan card

Step 6: e-sign the documents by generating aadhar based OTP and complete the process

Step 7: verify the e-signed documents and submit. Your KYC will get approved in 48 working hours.

Step 8: Login to complete profile, nominee and FATCA details (show the section image in login)

Step 9: you are now ready to invest lumpsum or one time investment

Step 10: complete SIP mandate registration to start SIP (show the section image in login)

Step 11: you are now ready to start SIP

Watch Video to see the steps:-


There are many options like mutual funds, equities, gold, saving schemes, public provident funds, bonds, company deposits, insurance products and others.

Many investors like you, invest small portions of their money in a Fund which is regulated by Government bodies. This fund is managed by an experienced professional employed by the respective fund companies like SBI, HDFC, ICICI and similar. This pool of money is then invested by the fund in shares and company deposits of various companies based on their track record and financial performance. So instead of you managing your money, you give your money to an expert who is regulated by the laws of the country so that your interest is always protected. And you get the advantage of the fund manager’s experience and expertise. This fund is commonly referred to as Mutual Funds.

The portion of your money invested in mutual fund is termed as units. Each unit represents an investor’s part ownership in the fund. The combined holdings of the investors in the respective mutual fund are known as its portfolio. Fund manager manages this portfolio on a day-to-day basis and based on the fund manager’s investment decisions the value of this portfolio changes. The incremental increase in your share of the portfolio is the income generated by your investment. You can review your balance every day and decide if you want to withdraw or continue with the investment in the respective mutual fund.

Anyone with a valid ID proof and access to a bank account. In case you want help to open a new bank account please get in touch with us.

If you have never invested before, you will have to go through a process called Know Your Customer (KYC). will facilitate this process of uploading your PAN card, Address proof and your signature on a blank piece of paper; you have to follow the instructions. You need to sit in front of your webcam to get this process done which takes less than 3 minutes But if you find it inconvenient to complete this process, please get in touch with us. We will either guide you over a call or try to connect you to our local representative depending on the geographic feasibility.

Keep your Aadhar Card, PAN card and bank details ready.

You can invest even Rs 500/- in mutual funds at any given time. You can add on to the same any time any amount in future subject to the minimum investment limit as determined by the respective mutual funds.

If you have all the details, it will take around 5 minutes to fill up the online form and complete the application. We will try our best to open your account within the same day or if not, the day after.

Yes, these details are required as per regulations. This will ensure a seamless process wherein you can invest money instantly and get your money back as and when you require.

Your money is always safe. When you decide to invest, we only act as a medium through which you can select, buy, sell and manage your investments. Your money gets transferred from your bank account to the account of the mutual fund you choose to invest. For example, say you decided to invest Rs 1,000 in SBI Large Cap Fund, the money is transferred from your bank account to SBI Mutual Fund’s account and becomes part of the SBI Mutual Fund’s portfolio.

You can log onto and choose a goal. Based on your selection you will be provided with a list of suggestions. Of course, this is just indicative. You can obviously do your own research if you want to and if you can. Some of the indicators for choosing a mutual find are their ratings, past performance, fund size (AUM – which is a short form of Assets Under Management) and the fund manager. All these can be checked at before investing.

All this too daunting? Boring? Complicated? Time consuming? No worries, we are just a phone call or an email away. We are always available to guide and help.

Mutual funds invest in equity shares of listed companies or in debt securities (loans given to highly rated corporates). So mutual fund can either be debt mutual fund or equity mutual fund. Retail investors generally prefer equity funds.

Yes. If you want to withdraw your money, you can sell all your mutual fund holdings or a part of it depending on your requirement. Once you sell the units, the amount will be credited to your bank account within three working days.

Not at all.

If you have been invested for more than one year in an equity mutual fund, gains of up to Rs 100,000 per year is not taxable as per the current tax laws. Please check with your tax advisor if you have one, else you may get in touch with us.

Not at all. You can use our website or any other mutual fund website to research and find the best mutual fund. Of course, you are free to contact us anytime for any queries.

Certain mutual funds have lock in periods in case they are in the nature of tax saving instruments, ie. ELSS which has a 3 year lock in. Such information is displayed by the respective mutual fund before you invest.

Your investment accounts are held directly with Mutual Fund companies and hence there is no risk of you losing money in case shuts down. You can continue to invest more or redeem from your existing investments with any particular mutual fund company. However, it will not be as easy as fun and as rewarding as it is with Moreover, we are not going anywhere, we promise. takes security of all its users, their data and transactions very seriously. All our systems are bank-grade secure and we have implemented a three-tier security structure where your data is secure in all three states - on server, at client and during the transit. Moreover, your money is directly sent to reputed Mutual Fund companies without the money ever hitting's bank account.

No. You may visit for insurance policies, investing in stock market or even global investing. We may be adding one option after the other in due course.

Happy investing @ TheMoneyStream

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