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Stocks are a distant cousin of Mutual Fund that can help reach the wealth objective of individuals albeit with different risk grades. While MF is an outsourced pattern of investment with Fund expertise, your ability to build wealth using stocks rests on stock filtering and picking skills. You need to be an ardent lover of facts and figures and be willing to consume a lot of data to analyze and have patience and on top of it be willing to spare your time to become an expert over decades. If you have a proven ability then you can risk your money with stocks and it can give rich dividends with handsome returns. While it's easier said than done, you need to weigh your options carefully before you deep dive into stock research and building a portfolio to amass wealth.

A hybrid option works for some and for most it's a small topping in their portfolio but the exciting part of it, it gives you the adrenalin rush and feeds into your motivation once you see a series of wins and success in your investment portfolio. The cloud around trading and price discovery has been fully expunged that you don't have to shell out big brokerages any and all necessary checks and controls are in place with a strong system and communication with world-class technology to handle transactions and effect fund transfer in a jiffy With Mobile APP ruling the roost and abundance of software tools to make analysis, the world of opportunity exists with all necessary caveat that “ Buyer’s Beware”.

With IPO trending and a lot of opportunities to make money in stocks of good companies that have built an enviable track record in business, the potential is immense. A marginal allocation to stocks for investment and trading may be considered after a strict risk profiling and appetite check to play this game.

S.No Key Highlights of Stock trading
1. Discount broker services
2. Low or negligible cost service provider
3. DIY stock trading - no advice risk
4. Excellent mobile App/ web portal
5. No frills attached account for easy trading